23 February, 2017

Hamro Cycle Yatra| Annual Event

Initiative: VFC Project Status: On going

Every year on the month of June, on the occasion of World Environment Month, CREASION organizes Hamro Cycle Rally to publicly thank waste workers and to recognize their notable contribution to keep environment clean and healthy.

Waste workers provide a crucial service to our society by properly managing the waste produced by households, offices and industries. Without them our homes, work places and streets would be littered with piles of garbage, filling the air with foul smell and causing public health concerns. Frankly, a world without waste workers is unimaginable—our surrounding environment would be an unsanitary nightmare. It is due to their continuous efforts our environment is clean and livable.

Sadly, the work of these green heroes often goes unseen or ignored by most people. Despite their paramount contribution to community wellbeing, the public holds a negative perception towards them, viewing them as unclean and untouchable people. These rallies are aimed at raising awareness about the worth of waste-workers, providing basic health-care training and kit to them and to change public perception towards waste-workers.