27 February, 2017

Envisioning The RFC Model Village-Burunchuli

Initiative: RFC Project Status: On going

Immediately after the April earthquake, Rotary Club of Jawlakhel Manjushree (RCJM) and CREASION had jointly conducted relief work in Burunchuli, Lalitpur by building fifty-five temporary metal shelters for the earthquake-stricken community. The extent of the damage in the village left us with the clear realization of the need for permanent houses in the area. At the request of RCJM, CREASION conducted a site assessment of Burunchuli gaging the degree of damage, need and viable reconstruction solutions over the period of three months. The assessment report included proposed house designs in accordance with the government construction policy as well as a comprehensive rehabilitation plan addressing both infrastructural  and social components. This led to development of ‘Rebuild For Change’ project.

During the initial days of our research we saw the magnitude of the disaster by far exceeded the resources of the Nepal Government and its channels of distribution. We needed a more non-bureaucratic system that could make quick decision and execution plan. Since, both RFC and RCJM relied on non-bureaucratic and execution-based action plan, the project was completed a lot earlier than the projected time-frame. Inspired by this, both parties decided to collaborate for longer-term rehabilitation project that aims to provide a wholesome, full-circle approach at rehabilitating a community.

Rotary International 3292 had long foreseen the worth and urgency of such project. It had designed a settlement program that incorporated permanent low cost, safe and secure housings and construction of social infrastructures such as school buildings under Earthquake Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program (ERRRP). ERRRP provided a common ground for RFC and RI 3292 to execute a fast track, long-term rehabilitation project

The proposed Earthquake Relief, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Program (ERRRP) of RID 3292 aims to build one thousand plus permanent low cost houses and extend software support (e.g. water supply, toilets, school furniture, computers, libraries etc.) to one hundred and forty primary schools up to grade five in the fourteen worst affected districts within three to five years.

  • Permanent Housing
  • Education
  • Socio Economic Development
  • Health, Sanitation and Water
  • Energy
  • Community Based Facilities

At the very heart of the Rebuild for Change initiative, and indeed Nepali culture, lies the household with its integral role as both family-home, economic foundation and lifetime investment.

Creasion will build affordable earthquake-proof homes for 50 families in Manegaun, Burunchuli - all based on Natural building principles focusing primarily on Compressed Stabilized Cement Block (CSEB) technology. 

Advantages of CSCB

  • Earthquake resistant.
    The bricks are reinforced by iron rebar inside the wall, both horizontally and vertically, making it highly earthquake resistant. 
  • Local material & opportunities
    The bricks are made in the village using only Sand, Aggregates and cement. It also creates opportunities for local entrepreneurs.
  • Low-cost.
    The villagers can make their own bricks saving cost and creating local jobs
  • Eco friendly.
    90% less CO2 emissions compared to fired bricks!


VIDYA (education) has always been a core principle with Creasion.

However, Creasion approaches education in a distinctive manner where the creative ability to analyse and question outweighs traditional methods of memorization - imparting the values of logic and critical thinking.

We believe in the creation of an analytically aware youth to inspire individual unfoldment while countering prejudice and prejudgement.

Soft Loans

provide local communities with soft loans for small and medium enterprises (SME’s) – be it livestock, poultry farming, goat rearing or shopkeeping or to improve the existing ones ; the loans will be disbursed through an agro-based cooperative that will be created.

Home Stay

provide different types of tourism and hospitality related trainings to develop the community’s capacity to accommodate tourist in their houses. research viable options to strengthen and promote the Homestay locally and internationally.

Agriculture/Livestock bank/ Free Range animals

  • Trainings/ Capacity Building
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Soft Loans
  • Community Engagement
  • Introduction of New Technologies

Small/Medium Scale Enterprises

Engage the community in:

  • Pickle and Jam
  • Tailoring
  • Beauty Parlours
  • Grocery stores

Creasion, in partnership with RCJM, Alka Hospital of Lalitpur, and Tilganga Eye Hospital, organises regular health camps at Burunchuli.

  • Regular health check ups
  • Nutrition and health diets
  • Health card to every household
  • Local midwife training

Creasion will provide new toilets to those who need improvement in their health and sanitation conditions and spread awareness through training programs.

Creasion will also repair and improve the condition of already existing water-sources for drinking, construction of a pipe for irrigation.

In order to secure the needs of our local community, and realising our own vision for sustainability, we are introducing several approaches to alternative energy.

Introducing improved cooking-stoves, to reduce the use firewood for cooking purposes which causes emission of gases, harmful to human health and environment alike.

implementing cost-effective solar power technologies for the street lighting system.


Over half the population of Nepal lacks the basic knowledge of what constitutes good hygiene practice. Only 37% of people in Nepal wash their hands with water  and just 12% use soap.

As our survey strongly suggests, we will build 2 pandheros (community based bathing and washing facilities) with attached bathroom, that would function as pillars for local women. Empowering women empowers all aspects of community.

Multifunctional Hall

We will construct a Multifunctional Community Centre, based entirely on our Natural Building Principles, complete with a library, musical instruments and sporting-goods, where the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) and all the other trainings will take place during our project. (See: Education and Socio-Economic Development.)

Park & Paved Pathways

We will renovate the green area of the village, equipping it with benches in order to transform it into a public garden, or small park. We will furthermore pave the walking paths of the village, as a further means to integrate the community in the daily life. When designing these facilities we keep both tourist and the community in mind - especially children.