26 February, 2017

Communal Facilities- Padhero & Toilet

Initiative: RFC Project Status: Completed

During our need assessment at Burunchuli, we found out that not a single house had bathing and washing facility. The people of Burunchuli, especially the women had no option but to bathe openly. After rounds of discussion and interaction with the community, the concept of Padhero was conceptualized, which would not only provide a communal bathing facility, but also could be developed as a hub to share and discuss problems which are less easily shared in their family otherwise. Apart from the obvious, Padhero will also be instrumental in checking many water-borne diseases, which remains the widespread cause of illness among the villagers. 

 Shree Bhimsen Secondary School, the only secondary level school at the village, doesn’t have a proper latrine facility for its 325 students and 20 teachers. The April earthquake damaged the latrines, which as such were inadequate to the school population. The existing small water closet and a few urinals too are in poor condition, without any tap or flush, which has further deteriorated the overall sanitation standard of the school. The students and teachers alike are forced to attend school under hazardous health condition.