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Our projects are specifically tailored to approach development through multispectral lens that puts sustainability at its core. We equally value the environment and the community that lives within and have always led our course of actions in ways that benefit both.

The massive Earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015 allowed us to truly work in the grassroot level and foster the spirit of volunteerism by engaging and empowering the youth who were already in our network since our inception in 2005. We built , and in areas affected by the disaster but made sure our approach incorporated the ideas and ethos of the local communities as well.

CREASION has always been at the front line of any disaster ever since then and extended its support by taking a communal approach be it during the 2017 Nepal Flood or the recent COVID-19 pandemic. We have impacted more than through different programs not just limited to emergency disaster but for environment and empowerment as well.



We engage youth and harness their passion to bring sustainable change to the community.



We direct the interest of young children towards environment conservation and protection


Tons of waste pet

We care for the environment and promote recycling as a way to sustainability.



We focus on promoting preparedness and facilitating sustainable solutions for any disaster.



We foster the skills and capacities of women to help them gain economic independence

  • What prompted the start of CREASION?

    In 2005 CREASION was established as a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with the vision of implementing compassion- based development. It was started after recognizing the need for a balanced outlook in development-based projects that integrates the spirit of volunteerism, sustainability, research and collective partnerships. CREASION started through the collaborative effort of a group of friends to fill the gap that existed in the development sector. Mr. Aanand Mishra currently leads the organisation as the Founder and President. However, to complement and enhance his ideas we have a very strong board backing the organisation from the beginning.

  • How does CREASION function?

    Currently, we have a strong team of twelve members overseeing and working for different projects who don’t compromise on the ethics and values of the organisation. Besides, volunteers are also the greatest asset of the organisation who have contributed their passion, enthusiasm, time and ideas to leverage the vision of the organisation and materialize it for the betterment of our intended beneficiaries and projects.

  • Are there any specific areas that CREASION works for?

    CREASION extends its work in three different areas. They are- Environment, Emergency Disaster Response and Empowerment. The thematic areas engage women, children and youth as the drivers of change. There are different projects that cater to these thematic areas.

  • What are the various projects that work under the mentioned thematic areas?

    The different projects that cater to the specific areas are- Volunteer for Change (VFC), Women for Change (WFC), Waste Smart School, Recycler Saathi, and Rebuild for Change (RFC). While Recycler Saathi works for the environment and Rebuild for Change looks after emergency disaster related responses, the other three programs cater to empowerment of children, youth and women. Volunteer for Change engages youth, Women for Change works for women and Waste Smart School educates and awares children. Know more about our projects here.

  • When and why were these projects introduced?

    The projects were introduced over the years as per the necessity of the situation. CREASION initially started with Volunteer for Change as a means to engage youth in the process of community- level development. However, the earthquake of 2015 and the consequences that followed led to the start of Rebuild for Change (RFC). RFC continued its work in the 2017 flood as well and is activated whenever disaster hitsthe country. Women for Change was established in 2017 recognizing the importance of economic independence for women. Recycler Saathi and Waste Smart School were introduced in 2019 with focus on environment and children. The recent COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on waste workers prompted the start of Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project in 2020.

  • How do these projects run?

    Most of our projects run in collaboration and partnership with different stakeholders such as the government, corporations, schools, colleges and local communities. We love to connect with new institutions and build ideas for better activities and their impacts.


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