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Learning By Doing- My Experience At CREASION

By Creasion Blogs
Oct 16, 2019

Experiencing and learning about new things is important in life. At CREASION, I got opportunities to do so every day through various activities. I had the chance to be part of various kinds of programs such as Trash Tag Challenge, Empower Plus, Tree of the Year, Mental Health Sessions and so on. I.

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Gender Inclusion in Climate Change Adaptability

By Creasion Org
Dec 13, 2019

The divide between men and women can be seen and experienced in almost everything. Socialization has a crucial role in creating and deepening these discrepancies across genders. Women have mostly been disadvantaged due to systemic oppression and societal barriers that they face in everyday life.

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By Paribhu Drew Thapa
Aug 20, 2016

Have you ever tried to find a place where you can take your first step into knowing how working actually feels like? Some place where you can gather handfuls of experiences which will help you later in life;

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